How's your relationship with food?

Do you eat to fuel your activities and help your body to thrive, or do you let your emotions dictate your eating habits?

Have you tried every diet that has floated your way, only to return to bad habits?

There is so much conflicting information in the health and wellness industry, that often it's hard to figure out what you should and shouldn't be doing. Things can get confusing, and it's easy to lose your way. 

A healthy lifestyle isn't out of your reach, but for a lot of people the hard part is changing their behaviour to support long term change.


Nutrition Coaching can help you:

  • develop the skills you need to break free of negative eating habits

  • understand what your body needs to feel and look its best

  • keep accountable for your actions 

  • create lasting change through creating good habits

You don't need to have weight to lose in order to benefit from nutrition coaching. If you find yourself struggling to make good choices, unsure about what foods you should be eating to support your health, or stuck in a routine and not sure how to start, coaching could be right for you.

Have a healthy relationship with food is about more than counting macros, calories, or cutting carbs. Finding balance between what nourishes you, what you enjoy, and what fits in with your lifestyle is integral.  

Want to work with me to develop good habits and change your life for good? 
Individualised One-on-One Coaching:

Working together, we'll establish your current habits, both positive and negative, and your health goals. We'll also look at your health history, food preferences and unique lifestyle factors - schedules, family structure, values and beliefs. Then we'll work weekly to establish positive behaviours, and eliminate habits that are putting distance between you and your best life. 

Together we'll create a customised plan. Whether you feel most comfortable tracking macros, counting calories, or eating intuitively we'll work with that. We measure a number of variables to track success - weight, measurements, behavioural state and overall wellness.

Each week you'll be given a mindset lesson to focus on, as well as additional resources to arm yourself with, and informal check ins every few days, before a formal check in at the end of the week to celebrate your wins, learn from what went pear shaped and reframe for the following week. 

This is the most tailored option, working with your personal circumstances. It is not be a one size fits all program, or a quick fix, but a specific, measured process designed to get YOU results. 

Due to the nature of Individualised coaching, there are limited places available. It can be entirely online , however if you're Perth based we will schedule periodic in person check ins to monitor progress. This service is $120 a month, and can include a fitness program for an additional cost. 

Not quite ready for that level of commitment? 
One-off Planning Session & Crash Course:

Feeling confident in your willpower and self awareness, but not quite sure where to start? Let's have a coffee and I'll give you a crash course in strategies and tactics you can adopt, as well as work with you to figure out your ideal intake numbers, and a rough plan to move yourself forward. Then the ball is in your court, and your healthy best life is within reach. 

This 60 minute session is $80, and the coffee is on me!

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